Let’s Get Back to the Land and Our Communities

What are the state of our resources? Are wildlife populations sustainable? Is our Land productive?  Is the capacity for renewal in tact?

Land and wildlife are the basis of our collective identity and well-being, yet they are no longer managed at community levels.  Help chart the state of our community’s land and wildlife.  Let’s cultivate new relationships and build the capacity for stewardship and for adaptation.

Stay tuned for the Upcoming Land Knowledge Circles in January/February 2018/2019

We are faced with increasingly complex issues and demands. More than ever, it is imperative and wise to include the diversity of all stakeholders in order to find innovative and fair solutions. This way we can respond to changes and find effective solutions today and for future generations. Land Knowledge Circles are Traditional democratic and inclusive forums to gain insight, find solutions and also build capacity for our communities.

Talking Circles are for the public

Talking Circles were held in 2017 across The Land Between bioregion. Proceedings from these events will be summarized and published as the first comprehensive account from citizens of the bioregion.

Add to the dialogue. Share your observations through our surveys or keep the conversation going by joining our platform TurtleStories

 The Land Between bioregion extends from the Georgian Bay Coast to the Ottawa Valley.
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